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Holding Hands Hoping,
Happiness Has No,


15 in. H, 11 in. L, 9 in. W
24.1 lbs.

28 ga pure copper, 26 ga pure copper, 26 ga sterling silver coated with copper sore, 26 ga tarnish resistant copper, 26 ga tarnish resistant silver, 22 ga copper coated aluminum, 22 ga silver colored aluminum, 22 ga sterling silver half round, 22 ga tarnish resistant brass, 20 ga copper coated aluminum, 18 ga sterling silver, 18 ga sterling silver and nickel square, 12 ga brass colored aluminum, 12 ga copper coated aluminum, 12 ga silver colored aluminum, 8 ga copper, 8 ga copper coated aluminum, 1/4 OD copper tubing, copper pipe, 

acrylic, acrylic with blue iridescent medium, concrete, E6000 glue

amethyst, amethyst from Brazil, aquamarine, blue chalcedony, blue topaz, clay, crystal, cubic zirconia, glass, Helenite (glass made with Mt. St. Helens ash), lava rock, opal from Australia, opal from Ethiopia, pebbles from Arkansas diamond mine, pebbles from Coal Creek sapphire mine in Montana, porcelain, pyrite from Brazil, prasiolite, pyrite from Spain, quartz from Brazil, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, ruby, ruby from Tanzania, sapphire, sleeping beauty turquoise, smoky quartz, smoky rutilated quartz, spirit quartz from South Africa, synthetic turquoise, turquoise



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