Blast Light Into the Night,

By Seizing the Day,

With Extraordinary Might



78.6 lbs / 35.65 kg / 5.6 st

21.5 in H, 20 in L, 14 in W/ 54.61 cm H, 50.8 cm L, 35.56 cm W


14 K gold-filled beads, brass beads, copper coated beads, sterling silver coated beads, 30 ga sterling silver, 28 ga pure copper, 26 pure copper, 26 ga sterling silver, 26 ga sterling silver with copper core, 22 ga aluminum, 22 ga copper coated aluminum, 22 ga sterling silver square, 20 ga copper coated aluminum, 20 ga sterling silver square, 18 ga aluminum, 18 ga copper coated aluminum, 18 ga sterling silver, 12 ga aluminum, 12 ga copper coated aluminum, 8 ga copper coated aluminum, 8 ga copper, 8 ga aluminum, 6 ga copper, 4 ga aluminum, ¼ OD copper tubing, 3/8 OD copper tubing, ½ OD copper tubing, stainless steel


18k gold leaf, acrylic, concrete, glow in the dark acrylic, resin, rose petals

10,000-year-old stone tool found in the Sahara Desert near Morocco


Agoudal meteorite from Morocco, Canyon Diablo meteorite from Arizona, USA, Campo del Cielo meteorite from Argentina, Gibeon meteorite from Namibia, Lunar meteorite from the Earth’s Moon found in North West Africa Specimen No. 11303, Martian meteorite from Mars found in North West Africa Specimen No. 6963, Muonionalusta meteorite from Sweden, Nantan meteorite from China, Sikhote-Alin meteorite from Russia


Alexandrite from Brazil, andradite (black garnet) from Brazil, crystal, cubic zirconia, Dalmatian jasper, black diamond, white diamond, fulgurite from Tampa, fulgurite from Morocco, glass, glow in the dark glass, glass recycled from bottles in Ghana, glass made for nuclear reactor shield in Renton, WA, USA, hematite, smoky Herkimer diamond from Herkimer, NY, USA, labradorite from Madagascar, larvikite from Norway, Libyan Desert glass from Sahara Desert, Megalodon shark tooth, magnetite, or loadstone, from China, marble, moldavite from the Czech Republic, black onyx, black opal from Australia, black opal from Ethiopia, black opal from Honduras, opal from Ethiopia, pyrite, pyrite from Brazil, pyrite from Spain, pyrite from Spruce Ridge mine WA, USA, black freshwater pearl from China (dyed), freshwater pearl from China, black saltwater pearl from Tahiti, Pearl of Fire tektite from Java, Indonesia,  rutilated quartz from Brazil, sardonyx, smoky quartz, smoky quartz from Brazil, black tourmaline in quartz from Brazil, black spinel, black tourmaline from Brazil, terahertz, imperial topaz, topaz, white topaz, vintage glass, zebra jasper