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Potentially Perennial Universe

2014-Present (work-in-progress)

115 lbs / 52.16 kg / 8.21 st

13 in H, 24 in L, 21 in W / 33.02 cm H, 60.96 cm L, 53.34 cm W 

24 ga 14k gold filled wire, 22 ga 14k gold filled wire, 24 ga copper wire, 20 ga copper wire, 16 ga copper wire, 12 ga copper wire, 8 ga copper wire, 6 ga copper wire, 20 ga coated aluminum wire, 12 ga coated aluminum wire, 18k gold leaf, acrylic, blacklight reactive paint, glow in the dark paint, amethyst from Morocco, amethyst with dogtooth calcite from Brazil,   amethyst from Brazil, black tourmaline with quartz from Brazil, black tourmaline with gold mica from Brazil, black tourmaline in rose quartz acquired in Tucson, Arizona (country of origin unknown), charoite from the Sakha Republic, Siberia, Russia, dravite from India, emerald from Brazil, fluorite from Brazil, garnet from Brazil, green opal from Madagascar carved by the artist, green tourmaline in quartz from Brazil, green and blue tourmaline in rose quartz from Brazil, mangano calcite from Peru, orbicular jasper from Mahajanga Province, Madagascar, pink calcite from Mexico, quartz with cleavelandite from Brazil, quartz with mica from Brazil, quartz from Brazil,  quartzite from Utah, rose quartz from Brazil, sapphire from India

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