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091821_Bellwether (Credit-Nate Gowdy)-006.jpg
091821_Bellwether (Credit-Nate Gowdy)-004.jpg
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Bellevue Art Museum
full disclosure

Curated by Mo Quick

This exhibition took place inside the Bellevue Art Museum during the 2021 Bellwether art festival. The art show took place on September 18, and all of the artwork was removed the same day.

The theme of the show was to provide full disclosure of the participating artists' processes and artwork. All of the artists created artwork during the exhibition at their different display areas. Soo Hong and myself also presented formal live demonstrations of our

The participating artists include Bel Barrueta, Quincey Caldwell,
Soo Hong, Chloe King, Neha Panicker, Taylor Stefanski, Hann Tower.

The exhibition was very rewarding and a wonderful honor. It was a great experience to meet other great local artists and to learn more about each other's process and story.
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