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Oasis Mirage


8 in x 8 in x 25 in

Acrylic, clay, concrete, E-6000 glue, sand

26 gauge copper, 22 gauge copper coated aluminum, 20 gauge copper coated aluminum, 18 gauge copper coated aluminum, 12 gauge copper coated aluminum, 8 gauge copper, copper tubing

Atlasaurus bone, blue apatite, blue goldstone, blue kyanite, chalcedony, crystal, cubic zirconia, desert rose from Mexico, freshwater pearl from China, geode from Morocco, glass, lapis lazuli, dyed magnesite, pebbles, picture jasper, quartz, quartz from Arkansas mined by the artist, quartz from Brazil, sapphire from India, sodalite, triceratops bone from Utah, turquoise from China, turquoise from the United States of America, vintage glass, wood recycled from furniture


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