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The Romance of Disillusionment No.3: Fairy Garden

2015-Present (work-in-progress)

135 lbs / 61.24 kg / 9.64 st

31 in H, 21 in L, 26 in W / 78.74 cm H, 53.34 cm L, 66.04 W 

20 ga copper wire, 16 ga copper wire, 12 ga copper wire, 8 ga copper wire, 6 ga copper wire, 6 ga stranded copper wire, 4 ga stranded copper wire, 12 ga coated aluminum wire, copper ground round, copper tubing, 18k gold leaf, acrylic, concrete, amethyst from Brazil, amethyst with calcite from Brazil, chevron amethyst (rough) from Brazil, chevron amethyst (polished by the artist) from Brazil, polished phantom amethyst from Brazil, candle quartz with lithium from Madagascar, fuchsite from Brazil, garnet from Brazil, geode from Morocco, lepidolite from Brazil, quartz from Brazil, quartz from Peru


The Romance of Disillusionment No.2: 

The relativity of: 

up, down,

left, right,

right, wrong,

mistake, intention,

kindness, cruelty,

love, hate,

peace, war,

happiness, sadness,

ease, stress,

comfort, pain,

beauty, ugliness,

hard work, laziness,

relevance, irrelevance,

reverence, irreverence,

expensive, cheap,

far, close,

structure, randomness,

light, dark,

truth, lies,

small, large,

fast, slow,


















up, down



47 lbs / 21.32 kg / 3.36 st

21 in H, 13 in L, 7 in W / 53.34 cm H, 33.02 cm L, 17.78 cm W

16 ga copper wire, 12 ga copper wire, 8 ga copper wire, 14 ga galvanized steel wire, copper pipe, acrylic, glow in the dark paint 

amethyst geode with dogtooth calcite from Brazil carved by the artist, amethyst from Brazil, Apache Tears obsidian from Arizona, quartz from Brazil, smoky quartz from Brazil


Artist Statement

In the process of creating this piece I used an angle grinder to remove the concrete that coated the outside of this amethyst geode from Brazil. I then carved a grid of curving lines along this same area and an eye at the center. When painting the piece I oriented the geode in varying ways to collaborate with the force of gravity as I allowed different layers of paint to flow along the piece. Doing this created an effect of opposing directions.

I included the material Apache Tears obsidian due to its lore. It is said that in the 1870s a group of Apache tribe warriors faced the American cavalry in battle. When it became clear that the tribe could not defeat their enemy they chose to ride their horses off of the cliff to die rather than be captured or murdered by the cavalrymen.

The first piece in the Romance of Disillusionment Series was part of the Debut Series first shown in the 2015 Duo Exhibition.

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