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About my process

My sculpture work incorporates many techniques such as basket weaving, wire wrapping and floral design. I design, create, and title all of the work myself. 

I reference many aspects of the human experience in my work. I am particularly interested in astrophysics, art history, cosmology, emotion, geology,  literature, mathematics, metaphysics, nature, philosophy, and psychology.


I enjoy creating artwork in many art forms but tend to gravitate more toward my sculpture work. Creating work in my style can be difficult. It is physically strenuous, requires a great deal of time, space, and strength.

The actual process of creating my sculpture work is very intuitive. Sometimes the inspiration for a piece comes from a title or concept I have thought of beforehand. Sometimes I aim to create a particular shape or image. Sometime I just want to use particular materials in conjunction with one another. Often times the title comes during or after the work is completed, and sometimes the title changes over time.

I always leave hidden details within my sculptures. These hidden details could be the ways in which a piece was created. Sometimes the hidden details are found by following the labyrinth of directions in which the wire travels. The color choices I make, the positioning of particular materials in relation to one another, and the overall choice of materials are sometimes the ways I depict hidden meaning. The way a title is structured can also be a form of hidden details. I also tend to hide particular images within a piece. There's something fun about hiding details for the people interested enough to look closely.

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