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A Songbird Being Silly,

Splashing For Fun,

Neglecting Responsibilities of Singing,

For Bringing A Smile,

To a Sad Set of Eyes



15 in H, 15 in L, 12 in W/ 38.1 cm H, 38.1 cm L, 30.48 cm W

25 lbs / 11.34 kg / 1.79 st


30 ga sterling silver, 28 ga pure copper, 26 pure copper, 22 ga aluminum, 22 ga copper coated aluminum, 18 ga aluminum, 18 ga copper coated aluminum, 12 ga aluminum, 12 ga copper coated aluminum, 8 ga copper coated aluminum, 8 ga copper, 6 ga aluminum, 4 ga aluminum, ¼ OD copper tubing, sterling silver coated beads


acrylic, acrylic with blue iridescent medium, acrylic with full spectrum iridescent medium, acrylic with glitter, concrete, polymer clay, resin


blue lace agate, amazonite from Brazil, amazonite from Peru, amazonite from Russia, blue apatite, aquamarine, basalt, carnelian, citrine, blue chalcedony, crystal, cubic zirconia, blue diamond, desert rose from Mexico, dirt, emerald, geode from Morocco, glass, glass with glow in the dark pigment, lampwork glass, vintage glass, blue goldstone, goldstone, K2 from Pakistan, labradorite from Madagascar, lapis lazuli from Afghanistan, morganite, black opal from Honduras, blue opal from Africa, blue opal from Ethiopia, opal from Australia, opal from Ethiopia, fire opal from Mexico, opalite, Akoya saltwater pearl from Japan, freshwater pearl from China, quartz from Brazil, phantom quartz from Brazil, rutilated quartz, smoky quartz from Brazil, rose quartz, rhodochrosite from Peru, ruby from India, ruby in zoisite, orange sapphire from India,  sapphire from India, lab-created sapphire, sunstone, tanzanite from Tanzania, blue topaz, turquoise from China, turquoise from the sleeping beauty mine in Globe, Arizona, zebra calcite



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