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In Snow,
More Than Rain,
One Can Observe,
The Patterns,
Of the Wind,
An Appreciation for Finding Wisdom,
In Life’s Dullest of Lulls,
And Most Innocent of Observations


19.5 in. H, 12 in. L, 8.5 in. W
23 lbs.

26 ga sterling silver, 26 ga sterling silver coated with copper core, 26 ga tarnish resistant silver, 22 ga copper coated aluminum, 22 ga silver colored aluminum, 20 ga copper coated aluminum, 20 ga sterling silver, 18 ga copper coated aluminum, 18 ga silver colored aluminum, 18 ga sterling silver, 12 ga copper coated aluminum, 12 ga silver colored aluminum, 8 ga copper, 8 ga copper coated aluminum, 4 ga aluminum, 1/4 OD copper tubing, copper pipe, sterling silver beads

14K gold leaf, acrylic, concrete, E6000 glue, porcelain

crystal, cubic zirconia, Diamantina quartz from Brazil, geode from Morocco, glass, Herkimer Diamond, howlite, dyed white jadeite, pebbles from Arkansas diamond mine, pebbles from Coal Creek sapphire mine in Montana, pyrite from Brazil, pyrite from Spain, quartz, quartz from Brazil, quartz from China, quartz double-terminated from Tibet, quartz from Washington, rutilated quartz, selenite from Morocco


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