About Me

as an artist

My name is Jorge and I am an artist born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I now live in Seattle, Washington.

I have been artistic since as long as I can remember. My Mom has told me that sitting me down at a table with paper and markers was the first way she could get a moment of peace. If I was not drawing I was essentially running around and causing trouble.


I remember my first "made-the-fridge" type moment was when I drew my rendition of the tooth fairy. My Mom then displayed the drawing at her work and a bunch of her friends remarked that it was an impressive drawing for someone my age. 

The first major artistic epiphany I could remember having was when watching my Dad draw Batman. I noticed he drew the bottom line of the cape behind the legs rather than through them, something I had not yet thought to do. From that moment I can remember wanting to practice so that I could make artwork that was more visually accurate. 

As I grew I drew constantly and loved arts and crafts. But I created art because I enjoyed it not because I necessarily wanted to be an artist.


Then as life went on I grew to love art more passionately.