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A Starry Night, The Starry Night,

A Waxing Crescent, A Waning Crescent,

Wax On, Wax Off,

Kepler, Turbulence,


2015-Present (work-in-progress)

Weight unknown

50 in H, 32 in L, 24 in W / 127 cm H, 81.28 cm L, 60.96 cm W

24 ga copper wire, 20 ga copper wire, 16 ga copper wire, 12 ga copper wire, 8 ga copper wire, 6 ga copper wire, 4 ga stranded copper wire, 18 ga galvanized steel wire,14 ga galvanized steel wire, 20 ga coated aluminum wire, 12 ga coated aluminum wire, conduit, copper tubing, copper pipe, cypress wood carved, burned with wood tip, burned with torch, smoked with palo santo wood, and smoked with white sage by the artist, gold wax, white wax, clay wheel thrown, hand-built, glazed and fired by the artist, clay hand-built and painted by the artist, 18k gold leaf, acrylic, blacklight reactive paint, glow in the dark paint, ink, oil, agate from Brazil, agatized coral from Florida, blue kyanite from Brazil, blue lace agate from Brazil, candle quartz with lithium from Madagascar, chrysocolla with malachite from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, elestial smoky quartz from Brazil, emerald from Brazil, polished labradorite from Madagascar, polished lapis lazuli from Pakistan, polished fibrous malachite from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, obsidian from Mexico, sapphire from India, smoky quartz from Brazil, polished smoky irradiated quartz from Brazil, smoky quartz with gold rutile, sodalite from Brazil, turquoise from Arizona, quartz from Brazil


This piece has changed significantly since these photos were taken. While I was away from this piece, for over a year, I decided to remove many of the heavier stones from the piece so that I could more easily manipulate it by myself. I then used smoke and additional wood burning techniques to alter the color of the overall piece. I melted much more wax onto the piece, added more paint, and coated it in resin. Many other changes will be made before the piece is complete and photographed again.

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