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Sunlight Spilling,
And Splashing,
In Snow


23 in H, 8.5 in L, 8 in W/ 58.42 cm H, 21.59 cm L, 20.32 cm W

22.9 lbs / 10.39 kg / 1.64 st

28 ga pure copper, 26 pure copper, 26 ga tarnish resistant copper, 22 ga copper coated aluminum, 20 ga copper coated aluminum, 18 ga copper coated aluminum, 14 ga copper coated aluminum, 12 ga copper coated aluminum, 8 ga copper coated aluminum, 8 ga copper, 1/4 OD copper tubing, 14K gold filled bead

acrylic, acrylic with blue iridescent medium, concrete

aquamarine, blue chalcedony, blue lace agate, blue topaz, carnelian, citrine, clay, crystal, cubic zirconia, desert rose from Mexico, dirt, dyed howlite, fire opal from Mexico, goldstone, glass, lapis lazuli, opal from Australia, opal from Ethiopia, pebbles, pebbles from Arkansas diamond mine, pebbles from Coal Creek sapphire mine in Montana, porcelain, pyrite, pyrite from Brazil, quartz from Arkansas mined by the artist, quartz from Brazil, quartz double-terminated from Tibet, rainbow moonstone, sand, sapphire, sodalite, synthetic turquoise, tanzanite, turquoise, wood recycled from furniture


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