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The Dormant Child




This installation was created for college credit. The assignment was to create something with at least 1,000 things.


For this installation I also created a list of things that the viewers, my fellow students, would have to find within the installation. During the search period I played a mixed CD that I created, from a boom box, that featured many popular songs from the 90s and early 2000s. 


The installation, title, and music references the inner child dormant within everyone.


The process for creating this installation began with collecting my old toys, toys from friends, friends of friends, and even a few garage sales.

I constructed and painted wooden pedestals to add varying heights within the space. 


I painted the floor of the installation white before beginning the installation so that it would match the walls of the critique room and the pedestals. I wanted it to match the walls and pedestals to give the installation more congruency and to add to the disorientation and overall envelopment of the viewers.


I was very pleased with the reaction of the viewers, my fellow students, when the instructor turned the music off to end the search and begin the critique. They were all disappointed that they had to stop searching and leave the space.


Judging by the feedback of the viewers I achieved the desired affect.

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The Dormant Child
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