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Life is a Sport and My Life is Art


Performed on stage at the Carrollwood Cultural Center coinciding with the opening of my solo exhibition, which featured works in numerous visual art forms.

This performance was partially planned in collaboration with the videographer: Forrest Canaday, photographer: Savannah Shealy, and pianist/fellow performer: Mario Pita.



A full-length documentary I created exploring the question: "What is art?" as part of a class assignment.

Prior to the documentary's filming I convinced five of my classmates and five of my previous co-workers that I was secretly a millionaire and that I had chosen them to compete for cash prizes at my secret mansion.


I created a backstory of my fortune and explanation for all that they thought they knew about me.

They all agreed to meet at an address about 90 miles away, where a transport service would be waiting to take them to my home.

 They were also asked to solve the acronym, T.S.F.P.O.T.O.M., which was the title of my project at the time.


This is an updated work in progress version of the documentary. The final version is still being edited...