Performance Works Expressed Through Photos

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Photos by Kento Kawakami from a performance piece in which I tried to convince a number of friends that I had secretly been a millionaire since inheriting a large fortune from my father many years prior.


The participants were split into teams according to their perspective social groups. One group being coworkers of mine from the summer prior to this project and the other being members of the Sculpture class in which I was enrolled at the time and for which this piece was created.


Participants were asked to drive from Tampa to Orlando, Florida at a rendezvous point. From this point they would be driven together to my "secret mansion".


Upon arrival they would compete for monetary prizes. They were filmed competing for prizes as well as searching for items as part of a scavenger hunt between competitions. Each participant was given two hundred dollars cash near the beginning of the day's activities and would receive poker chips the rest of the day to be totaled that night and supposedly given cash for their perspective earnings. 

Offering an Apple

A brief interaction with a horse documented through a series of photographs.

Owls and the Interplay of Identity


A collaborative piece with Atlanta based Dramaturg, 

Michael Frederick.

The Creation of a Branded Identity


A photographic story exploring the process of ascending to professional sport stardom, expressed in a highly contained setting, rich with symbolic elements.


This work was created in collaboration with Daniel Gomez

and Michaela Benjamin.

Happy Sundays


Photos by Daniel Gomez.

The Dancing Imp of Self-Actualization


Photos and creative collaborator:

Savannah Lauren

Zephyrhills, FL

Suspended In The Dream: A Short Surrealist Narrative 


Photos and creative collaborator:

Savannah Lauren

Zephyrhills, FL

Life Is a Sport and My Life Is Art

Live Stage Performance at the 2016 Solo Exhibition Opening Reception

September 9th, 2016

Photos by Savannah Lauren

Piano Improvisation by Mario Pita

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